Eastern Youth Orchestra Auditions


Students, current members and interested new students, whose abilities range from good basic first position with beginning reading skills to collegiate level skills, who wish to augment their musical training with orchestral experience.


Each student will audition for placement in the Senior, Junior or Preparatory Orchestras. The audition will consist of prepared solos of the student’s choice (one fast, one slow, no more than a minute in length) and the required excerpts.
(Select the excerpt on the right to download.)


Due to current situation, the conductors and the EYO board have decided to do video audition for this year. Please read the guidelines below carefully:

  1. Auditions should be submitted ASAP but no later than May 15.
  2. Your video auditions can be as simple as from your phone.
  3. Total video time must be under 3 minutes. No exceptions!
  4. The audition video must be the final take. Please do not “do-over” the audition on the video.
  5. Please click here to fill out your registration form. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube or anywhere online, please copy and paste the video link in the form.
  6. No other form is necessary.