The Eastern Senior Youth Orchestra is a full orchestra designed for students who have achieved a high degree of proficiency on their instruments. This orchestra strives to expand the student’s repertoire performing a wide variety of orchestral works from various musical periods. The students perform college to professional level works. Students may also be chosen to perform chamber works in smaller select ensembles.

Eastern Senior Youth Orchestra


Orchestral music at the grade 5-6 level (college to professional) requires the following skill level:

  • Accuracy of pitch and rhythm
  •  Extended fast passages played evenly and cleanly
  • Developing agility in trills
  • Ability in spiccato, complex string crossing
  • Musical maturity in a range of styles
  • Able to use various tone colors shaping vibrato widths and speeds
  • Confidence and accuracy in shifting to upper positions, including doublestops
  • Tone appropriate to style

Entry Level Repertoire:

Violin: Suzuki Book 7 (and up) or equivalent
Viola and Cello: Suzuki Book 6 (and up) or equivalent
Bass: Sonatas of Marcello or Vivaldi, or equivalent
Winds/Brass/Percussion: Solo at the level of All-State required solo