The Eastern Junior Youth Orchestra is designed for students with significant orchestral skills and experience. This orchestra endeavors to expand on the musical, technical and experiential foundations of orchestral playing. The music includes simple and mixed meters; keys up to 3 sharps/flats; 1st through 4th positions; with secure note-reading, vibrato and bowing skills. The emphasis of this group is to challenge technical and musical acquisition and develop a refined orchestral tone.

Eastern Senior Youth Orchestra


Orchestral music at the grade 3-5 level (junior to high school), requires the following skill level:

  • First through 4th positions (beyond for first violins)
  • Some double stops; broken thirds, sixths and octaves
  • Rhythms with note and rest values whole through 16th notes including triplets
  • Musical expression through phrasing and dynamics 
  • Solid vibrato skills • Forward and backward extensions for cello
  • Increase left hand dexterity
  • Use of full bow; beginning bounced bow strokes; accents
  • Refined tone appropriate to piece and age level

Entry Level Repertoire:

Violin: Suzuki Books 4(mid to late)-5 or equivalent
Viola and Cello: Suzuki Books (upper) 3-5 or equivalent
Bass: Suzuki Book 2 or equivalent